Chelsea Bergeron


Buddy woke up with a cough and a cold,
“You have to stay in bed!” his mother said,
“Now do as you’re told.

“But I feel it in there, Mom, moving around!”
“I can feel the hair and hear all the sound!”

“It’s a Goat in my Throat; I know it must be!”
“It’s a big Billy Goat and it is inside….of ME!”

“There..there…,” said his mother, “It’s just a sore throat.”
“There’s no animal, no hair, and certainly…. no GOAT!”

“Yes, it is!” Buddy exclaimed and under the blankets he hid.
“It might be a Nanny Goat or maybe a Kid!”

“I feel it scratching and chomping inside of my neck!”
“Kicking and Climbing and causing a wreck!”

Buddy walked to the bathroom, frightened and scared.
He wanted to look but didn’t know if he dared!

He grabbed a flashlight slow and steady…
Turned it on, not sure if he was ready…

He opened wide and shined in the light.
What he saw next was more than a FRIGHT!

It was a Billy Goat, alright, white and gray
Butting and Scratching and Chewing away!

Buddy let out a scream, which made his throat hurt even more.
He jumped under the bed and he rolled on the floor!

“Get this Goat out of my Throat!” he yelled to the sky.
“It’s going to kill me; I’m going to die!!”

“Get a hold of yourself!” Buddy’s mother said with a squeal.
“We will give you some medicine to help your throat heal.”

“I know that it feels like a real live Goat “
“But I promise you Buddy, it’s just a sore throat.”

So she made him some soup and a popsicle surprise.
She wrapped him up tight and dried the tears from his eyes.

Buddy drank his yucky medicine and laid his head down to rest.
He closed his eyes and placed his hands on his chest.

“Farewell, Mr. Goat,” Buddy said with a sigh.
“Please exit my throat and make this our Goodbye.”

He laid on his pillow and began to count sheep,
And before he even knew it, Buddy was fast asleep.